in collaboration with Stine Gro. As part of the Nomadic residency El Campo Unificado hosted by the Unifiedfield in Castellar de la frontera, Cadiz, Spain.

”For this performance recordings has been collected in the nature park around castellar de la frontera. The recordings is played back into the surroundings in conjunction with the existing soundscape. The performance was held at sunset as part of the cyclical shift of the current day.”


automatic behaviour

a series of excercises focusing on automatic talking in a collective of people.

How is collectivity shaped? How does your connection with language influence yourself? Does such a connection exist?

The excercises was held as part of the guest program at the Sisters Academy.


Two people talk too each other at the same time.

It is not possible to respond to eachother

it is not possibly to stop talking

each person makes up a character
for the other person and shares it.


8 people split into four pairs. 4 pairs sits down in a circle. All people sit in a inner and a outer ring. People in the outer circle talks. It is not possible to stop talking. People in the inner circle lipsync to the voice of their teammate. It is not possible to stop lypsincing. People in the inner circle turns around no longer facing the teammate. .People in the inner circle continues to lipsync to the voice of their teammate.


leaving this space be invisible.

Move with caution.

Be unnoticable.

How do you act?
How do you portray yourself to others?


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Intermediate Nowhere

A collection of field recordings from empty areas with minimum wind activity.

As part of the arts and culture festival Spire.